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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New O&G releases!

Both Drinkin' and Modelin' and Inane Courage have given their take on the new GW releases for O&G, so I figured I'd provide mine as well.

The Boar Boyz are looking really good, I particularly like the orc model, and the dynamic poses of the boars, although the boar faces really could use more hair. The orcs look suitably armored for that +3 save, and leaning forward to really capture that charging feel. I'm a bit disheartened over their shields though, not because they're bad (they're not) but because they're so much better than my old motifs that I have no idea how to explain how my orcs could belong to the same tribe. This bears pondering! Unfortunately for some, the riders will be fairly impossible to convert to savages, which many on the forums had hoped for. Even so, the boars themselves can probably be used for other units as well, if you replace the riders with other models. It's a shame not to use them for what they're intended for, but with the current army rules the regular boar boyz just don't cut it. Obviously, that won't keep me from fielding them though, and I've already planned a purchase of two boxes for my next army list.

I've long wanted to try out river trolls, but I didn't want to invest in the medal models. With the new release though, it's time to give them a go. They look amazing, with lots of options on the sprues that are looking both trolly, orcy and river-y at the same time. I'm probably going to buy a single box and run a unit of three trolls - enough to pack a punch while still cheap enough to be expendable if they don't work out. Although I will probably paint mine in a darker shade of green, rather than the light green they're sporting in the first picture.

All in all, an excellent release, and I'll definitely pick up three boxes for my Waaagh! Now fix the boar boyz for our next army book! +2 armor save and S5 on the charge, or I'll riot!

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