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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Goblin Wolf Chariot

This week I have painted my goblin wolf chariot. It's built out of balsa wood and some plant sticks for the bars, with some spare plastic wheels I had lying around. I've added some dwarf loot and a captured dwarf inside the cage, with one of the goblins teasing him with a tankard from a rope. Another is busy driving 'hot and cold' style, with a bone and a whip. With the other two I wanted to portray both the spear and the short bows that all of them are supposed to be equipped with. This way, I can either use them as 3+1 crew, regular 3 crew (one is busy driving so can't fight) or 2+character (only two carrying weapons). I've added some tiny magnets to the front for either the big boss or the shaman to be standing. I've also done the same to their regular bases if their chariot is destroyed.

Nothing new about the color scheme. Similar to before, but I went all the way to Mithril Silver on the bars, hoping to make them look a bit like the round steel bars you can see nowdays, grainy almost.

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