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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Night Goblins painted

The Night Goblin unit has finally been painted. It went slower than I expected mostly since I've been busy with other things lately, but in the end they turned out pretty good I thought. These guys will mainly be used to carry fanatics to hurl at a dangerous enemy, then run somewhere safe and shoot their short bows at a large target or warmachines on a hill. Or just die and redirect the enemy to somewhere they prefer not to go. That's fine too.

I painted the entire unit as a batch, one color at the time, rather than finishing a rank before moving on to the next one as I've done in the past. For the goblins I used the following paint scheme:
  • Robes and Quivers: BC Hormaggaunt Purple, W Badab Black, HL Hormagaunt Purple, HL Hormagaunt Purple/Bleached Bone 1:1
  • Skin: BC Catachan Green, W Thraka Green, HL Goblin Green, HL Camo Green
  • Feathers, Details and Squig: BC Mechrite Red, W Baal Red, HL Blood Red, HL Fiery Orange
  • Wood and leather: BC Scorched Brown, HL Beastial Brown, HL Snakebite Leather, HL Bubonic Brown (leather straps only)
  • Metal: BC Tin Bitz, DB Fiery Orange (stippling, really), DB Chainmail, W Badab Black, HL Chainmail
  • Teeth and nails: Bleached Bone
  • Eyes: Mechrite Red and HL Fiery Orange

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