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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New ETC 2013 rules draft released

The ETC team has released an early draft of the next ETC army rules. You can read them here. Although I'm no ETC player, this will impact my tournament experience as many of the organizers trust in the ETC rules for their own tournament rules.

Newsworthy for Orcs & Goblins is that we're awarded an additional 200 points to our army total, while still having to calculate our losses similar to other 2400 point armies. Although I'm not fully familiar with how much more competitive the ETC tournament is, looking at it from a local and national level, I don't feel we need those extra points - I'd happily face any other army on the same point level and will expect to do decently against them.

That being said, as any Greenskin worth his name, I will take advantage of these added bonus points. At 2600 points, it is possible to comfortably field your Orc Great Shaman as well as an Orc Warboss on a Wyvern, with both bringing a sufficient amount of magic items. The new ETC changes might just tempt me enough to bring out the flying beasty once more.