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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lack of painted models, for now

I've gotten a few comments and emails asking why I'm not painting as much as I used to, so I wanted to make a short post explaining my absence on that side of the hobby. As I've mentioned before, I recently graduated from the master's program in Florida, and now I'm designing videogames at EA DICE (makers of Battlefield and Mirror's Edge) in Stockholm, Sweden. Exactly where in the world I'll be in a few months is anyone's guess, as my position is not permanent and neither is the lease on the house my wife and I are renting. So as you can imagine, we're still living out of boxes to some extent and waiting until we know where we'll end up on a more permanent basis.

All this has pretty much limited my brush activity, as I simply don't enjoy painting a model only to tuck it into a bag or a box, to be brought out once a week down at the gaming club. I like to display my stuff in cabinets, and paint with proper lighting and desk space, which I simply don't have at the moment. However, things will improve, and I will get back to painting in a few months.

Until then, Troll Tales will mainly focus on tactics, army lists, reviews and battle reports, as I will continue to play my weekly games and attend as many tournaments as possible. Once we're settled in properly, the blog will once again include the full spectrum of Greenskin goodness!

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