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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Savage Orc Shaman painted

Yesterday I showed you my Savage Orc mob. Today I'd like to show you who'll be leading them. This here is my Savage Orc Great Shaman equipped with the Shrunken Heads to improve the warpaint save of da boyz and (when points allow) a lodestone that further improves their magic resistance.

The model is, of course, the Wurrzag metal blister released with the new army book. It was an absolute joy to paint, definitely my favorite model of the new releases, and I'm very pleased at how he turned out. I'm a big fan of the dancing pose as well as the mask.

I kept the colors of the rest of the mob, and indeed the entire army, with leather brown combined with beige. However, for this model I got to play a little with both blue and yellow - colors I haven't even touched for the entire army project until now - for the feathers. I think it adds a nice touch of color and makes him stand out from amongst the ranks. As always, more pictures of the model can be found in my Flickr gallery if you're interested.