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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dual Great Shamans, a good idea?

I've made no secret that I'm in love with both the Greenskin magic lores. What I'm missing in the massive, game-altering spells of the Big Waaagh! I make up by adding in a few sneaky cantrips of the Little Waaagh! That is why I've always brought a Night Goblin Shaman at level 1 along with my 'ard tournament armies, to hurl an annoying little spell on few dice. That, and to carry the Dispel Scroll since my Great Shaman was wearing the Shrunken Heads.

Lately though, I've started to consider using even more Gobbo spells, even though many of my units are Orcs, to explore what some of those combinations can bring me. I'm thinking about bringing a level 4 Night Goblin Shaman with me tomorrow to the gaming club, alongside my Savage Orc Great Shaman. This means the Wyvern gets a rest, with not enough points around for all three, but he deserves one anyway.

Normally, dual level 4's is not a good idea, since there aren't enough power dice around for both of them to be casting several spells, so you're dumping points into non-effective unit choices. However, with the help of the Magic Mushrooms granting me additional dice to cast with, I'm thinking I can still do alright with two. Besides, the Night Gobbo Great Shaman is extremely cheap, so not that big of a deal (he costs less than my Wyvern alone).

I'll let you know how it goes!