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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

O&G vs High Elves, 2500 pts, rounds 5&6

Now we return to the battle between Greenskins and High Elves, wrapping up the game with the final remaining rounds.

Turn 5 - High Elves

With a single White Lion, ten Spearmen and a Noble BSB still standing in the middle of the fields, and two units with three Archers each on either flank, Johan was hardly looking for a fight these remaining rounds. The Spearmen reformed and turned to face the Wyvern to the west, while the BSB with the World Dragon banner joined up with them, to at least safeguard them from my Shaman and his spells. The lone White Lion, still clutching their Standard, marched south towards the Doom Diver, hoping I guess to either get away from my Wyvern if I'd decide to charge into the Spearmen, and to hunt down my Doom Diver in the final turn coming up. The Archers both went into hiding away from potential enemies, not even bothering to shoot at anything.

Turn 5 - Orcs and Goblins

I was quite aware of the pointsink that previously huge unit of White Lions were, and with their Standard Bearer still on his feet I was getting none of it unless I could kill him. The Warboss on top of his Wyvern spotted the lone elf close to the south forest and charged him, easily making it in on his mount's giant wings. His large area of Inspiring Presence also allowed the Wolf Chariots to rally mere inches away from the table edge, not quite done charging just yet. The lone Wolf Rider rode south to get in the way of the Spearelves. I wanted to flee if they charged, even though this meant I'd lose the unit, to tempt him into getting the easy points instead of reforming and marching away from the Wolf Chariots.

In the magic phase, the Great Shaman managed to implore Gork to pick up the Black Orcs and dump them down close to the Spearelves, which sort of defeated the purpose of the Wolf Rider sacrifice; he wouldn't be able to run away now. Oh well, it was worth the points just to make sure.

The Doom Diver shot at the Archers in the east but failed to hit its mark.

The White Lion Standard Bearer swung his Woodman's Axe at the Wyvern and failed to wound the beasty. Shortly after, the elf was dead, a mere red spot in the grass, with the Warboss reforming to glare at the Spearelves.

Turn 6 - High Elves

In Johan's final turn of the game, the Spearelves took the bait and charged the Wolf Riders, who fled. Sadly, not even their swift wolves could carry them far enough away from the vengeful elves, who cut them down and reformed, both the Black Orcs and the Wyvern within their front arc. To be honest, had Johan really wanted to safe points here he should have ignored the Wolf Riders and remained in place with the Spearelves while the BSB could haved moved to the right of the Black Orcs. That still would have allowed the Wyvern to charge him, but it might have been worth the gamble. Either way, this was going to end in a final, bloody charge, we both realized, so the BSB pledged to go down with his troops.

Turn 6 - Orcs and Goblins

And a charge it was going to be, with the Warboss barking for the Waaagh! to begin proper (a few rounds late, but still!) and charging into the front of the Spearelves, while the nine Black Orcs led by the BSB did the same. The Wolf Chariots, noticing that things were going well, declared a charge of their own and smashed into the flank of the remaining ten Spearelves and their BSB.

It was getting late so we skipped out on the shooting and the magic phases, going directly into combat. We rolled for the impact hits from the three Wolf Chariots and quickly realized that all the Spearelves had gone down before they got a chance to stab, making things increasingly difficult for an elven Noble alone to turn around. So we called the game right there, with the High Elves being broken, their General and BSB both killed, with two units of Archers the sole survivors to re-tell the tale of the battle against the Orcs and Goblins.

For my side, the Wyvern and the Warboss were mostly unhurt, as was the Great Shaman and the Wolf Chariots. The Black Orcs had less than half of their mob still standing, but the BSB leading them was unhurt as well, carrying the heads of four Swordmasters and two Bolt Thrower crewmen that he had slain on his own. 2 Arrer Boyz huddled near a building, having mostly been shot at in the early game, and the Doom Diver was also intact down in the south. Oh, and the Mangler Squig was probably alive here somewhere...

Still, I had lost the Savage Orcs, the Trolls and the Night Goblins, and the Wolf Riders to boot, so the victory had been hard-fought. Counting up the victory points, I was up about 1500 points after all the bonuses had been accounted for, making this a quite solid victory for the Greenskins.

So that completes this battle report. I hope you enjoyed my slightly different take on it this time around, using Battle Chronicler, more technical details and less of a narrative. It certainly does take longer to write and makes for a much longer read, I'm sure, but it was good fun to write and hope you enjoyed it as well. Perhaps I'll write another report later on sometime.