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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Post-tournament reflections: Fanatic '11

This weekend was the twice annual Fanatic tournament here in Umeå. Coincidentally, this is the reason why things have been quiet around here these last couple of days (those of you who follow me on the Twitter will know I've been busy painting the last couple of models). So the tournament has come and gone, and much joy was had by all, myself included. Plenty of tight, fun games with several friendly opponents coupled with an all in all solid performance on my part made this a very succesful tournament for my sake.

The games were played at the "standard" level of 2500 points, and I brought an army very closely resembling the list I've posted here. Feel free to give that one a read while I wrap up my battle reports in the next couple of days as we get back to regular blogging once more.