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Friday, April 8, 2011

Heeding your advice - Adding Pumpwagons

A couple of you suggested I'd squeeze in a couple of Snotling Pump Wagons in my All-Goblin Spider Waaagh! army. I've been hesitant for some time, considering how they went up in price and their upgrades might make them even more expensive. However, the league we're running now explicticly allows no proxy models, and my Wolf Chariots have yet to be assembled, meaning that unit is out for now. Excellent opportunity to heed your advice and try out the Pump Wagons, I figured.

So now I've replaced my unit of 3 Wolf Chariots with my single Wolf Chariot, and two Pump Wagons. One of them is sporting a Spiky Roller, giving it S5 on their 2D6 impact hits, while the other one has been given an Out-Rigga, for the potential 4D6 move. I'm looking forward to trying these suckers out tomorrow!