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Friday, April 15, 2011

2500 pts All-Goblin Spider Waaagh! #2

The weekend is coming up, and I'll be looking to play a couple of games down at the gaming club at various point levels. I was intrigued by the success of the Gobbo army last week, and I'm eager to give them another go, this time with a tighter list as I get rid of a few ineffective choices.

More specifically, this mean the Squig Hoppers are gone along with their Big Boss, as is the Wolf Rider Big Boss, as I feel two fast cavalry units provide enough mobility. I'm sticking with the Pump Wagons per your advice, favouring them ahead of the unit of Wolf Chariots. Some tightening up my core mobs, ditching the Nasty Skulkers in my unit of poison gobbos, saves me quite a lot of points. Enough points, in fact, to bring in a second monster next to the Arachnarok - That's right, I'm bringing the Giant.

Contrary to Orc-heavy lists, the Giant can do really well in combination with gobbos. He can operate on his own, away from the Warboss since he won't want his leadership anyway, but more importantly he will strike at the same initiative as the gobbos (not the case with orcs). This means that I'll dish out all the attacks of my foot sloggers, squigs and what not, before rolling on the giant table. Even if he does decide to yell and brawl, at least I've inflicted maximum casualties from my mobs. Also, he serves to bring the attention away from my Arachnarok Shaman, since the Giant is quite a lot easier to shoot down, but even more devastating in combat.

So that's the idea, and here's the next version of my All-Goblin list. You guys like it?

Goblin Warboss
Armor of Fate, Great Weapon

Goblin Great Shaman
Arachnarok Spider, Spidershrine, Amulet of Preservation

Goblin Big Boss
Battle Standard Bearer, Spider Banner, Short bow, Great Weapon, Light Armor 

Night Goblin Shaman
Dispel Scroll

Night Goblin Shaman
Channeling Staff

40 Goblins
Full Command, Shields, Shortbows

40 Night Goblins
Full Command, Shields, Nets 

20 Night Goblins
Shortbows, Musician, Fanatics x2

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Shortbows, Musician

5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders

30 Squig Herd
20 Squigs, 10 Herders

Goblin Spear Chukka

Goblin Rock Lobber x2

Goblin Doom Diver

Mangler Squig

Snotling Pump Wagon

Snotling Pump Wagons
Spikey Roller