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Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Elves and an Orc, 2500 pts

The games this weekend didn't go so well, as I had slightly expected with the army I was bringing - it will definitely require some tweaking at full point level. That said, I did have a good time despite some rules arguments and poor tactical play on my part. Aside from my Orcs & Goblins, we had a High Elf, Dark Elf and Wood Elf player present. Although we had planned to go a full day of gaming, with everyone facing each other once, we only found time for two games.

The Greenskins line up to face the High Elves

Orcs and Goblins against High Elves
My opponent was bringing two blocks of Spear Elves, a small unit each of Swordmasters and White Lions, some Dragon Princes, two Tiranoc Chariots, three Bolt Throwers and lots of eagles. He was being led by an Archmage of the Shadow Lore, who was immune to non-magical attacks and made all magical weapons in base contact become mundane, and a noble with the Battle Standard.

I had an opportunity to cause a big dent in his army early, with my Wyvern Warboss combo-charging alongside the Boyz and the BSB into his Spearelves led by the Archmage. There's really no way I'm not winning that combat by a landslide. Unfortunately, my recent bad luck of rolling charge distances continue and I didn't manage to roll the 6" required. So the Wyvern went in on its own, found out I couldn't even hurt the Archmage who challenged me, and I lost the combat. Luckily my swiftstride got me out of there, but it did put a halt to most of my other combats.

On the other side of the field, my Night Gobbos and Giant charged the other spear block, who failed their terror test and ran away. That would have been sweet, save by the fact that they ran so far I couldn't catch them, not charge them a second time to send them off the field. His Swordsmasters charged into my Black Orcs and killed them after two rounds, but the Shaman survived long enough for the Giant and Wyvern to come stomp them down. Unfortunately, some poor decisions on my part in the last rounds made me lose the Shaman to rear charge, and I lost the game by around 500 points.

For the second game, the Greenskins faced the Wood Elves
Orcs and Goblins against Wood Elves
The Wood Elf then, were led by a Spellsinger at level 4 and level 2, using the lores of Life and Athel Loren, as well as a Noble with the Battle Standard. They had brought with them two units of six Treekin, a Treeman, two units of 12 Dryads, two units of Glade Guards and some Waywatchers. The game, I felt, was won by him as much as it was lost by me. I setup a nice overrun with my Black Orcs and their flaming weapons against the Treeman, and moved the Giant up ahead to protect against the Treekins. Then, a moment later, I realized I had angled the Giant in such a way that it was blocking the overrun of the Black Orcs, thus protecting the Treeman and instead forcing the Orcs reform after defeating the Eagle blocking their way. Then they got combo charged by the Treeman and the Treekin, which completely destroyed them. Without flaming attacks, it became an uphill battle.

The Giant tried to make up for his mistake by charging the Treeman. On a roll of 2, 3 or 4 the Treeman (on I2) would be dodging club blows that caused 2D6 wounds, but through three rounds of combat I only managed to headbutt him twice, and yell and brawl until the Dryads came in and made short work of him. A disappointing performance by the big guy.

To top things off, my Wyvern and Night Gobbos surrounded the Treekins in the end, winning the combat by 9 and setting up a nice overrun into his fleeing Noble BSB, who was running alone. Not even needing the BSB re-roll, the Treekin stood firm on Insane Courage and the BSB was safe, saving him quite a few points. To add insult to my own injury, after getting the Foot of Gork off on his other Treekins, causing 7 wounds in total, I forgot to roll to see if Gork would continue stomping (on a 4+) which certainly could made a difference. In the end, the elves won by a 1000 points.

Elsewhere, High Elves went up against their hated cousins.
On the other table next to us, the Dark Elves were able to quite easily defeat the High Elves, with the Lore of Death taking out the Archmage whose one weakness was spell attacks. The added up victory points after the two games thus had the Dark Elves leading the pack, followed by the High Elves and Wood Elves. The Orcs and Goblins were at the bottom in the pecking order. Not a very promising start for the green ones, but the tide will turn, I'm sure of it!