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Monday, February 14, 2011

Squig Hoppers painted

We start off this week similar to how last week ended, by showing off some more repainting projects. The Squig Hopper unit is the last one of my Night Goblins units and as such is the final models to go accept the wardrobe upgrade. After these, I only have a few characters to paint until the Night Gobbo part of the Waaaaaaagh! is complete.

These guys are mounted on an old CD. It won't work as a movement tray in this edition, but it makes for a fun way of presenting them.

Did you know that in the new army book, Squig Hoppers will get a single impact hit for each Squig, if you manage to roll a triple six for their movement? Yes, imagine those odds. If anyone of you ever, and I mean ever, manage to get that rule into play, be sure to let me know and I shall reward you.