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Friday, January 28, 2011

1500 pts O&G, Klintkampen Jan '11

It's a new year and the tournament season is upon us once again! We start it out with a local 1500 point team tournament, much like the last one. For this one, all lists are open and had to be submitted for approval, with the only true restriction being that no Lord Wizard are allowed. However, there was also the underlying implication of horrible, unspeakable things happening to your miniatures if you brought too beardy of a list. So to prevent that, while also keeping to tradition, I figured it was time to bring out the All Goblin list!

As the lists have already been submitted I cannot change anything, but I still welcome your comments and opinions on my goblin army.

Goblin Warboss  
Wolf, Shield, Armor of Fate, Martog's Best Basha, Collar of Zorga, Tricksy Trinket
My monster hunter of a General. Quite likely the most heavily-armored I've ever fielded, with an impressive armor save as well as a 4+ ward save. He is on a wolf to prevent big beasties from thunderstomping him, while also allowing him to zoom across the battlefield to lend his Inspiring Presence to any gobbo that needs it. Granted, he won't be able to use infantry for the Look Out, Sir! rule, so I'll have to trust in the ward save or stick close to the Wolf Rider unit.

Goblin Big Boss
Battle Standard Bearer, Amulet of Protectyness, Ironcurse Icon
In retrospect I should have gone with the Spider Banner on this guy, as his role is mainly support anyway (he's not around to do much fighting) but the Amulet will allow him to challenge nasty heroes with good saves, and the Icon shields the Gobbo unit if I go up against war machines.

x2 Night Goblin Shamans
Level 2
As we are not allowed to bring Wizard Lords for this tournament, I'm trying out two of these guys instead. With four spells in my magic phase I can still do some damage, and I won't have to worry about losing concentration in the enemy magic phase since I'll always have another shaman there to backup  with the dispelling.

49 Night Goblins
Full Command, Nets
It will be good to try these guys out, as they might be one of the most undervalued core troops in the new edition, since Nets are even more impressive now. I think 50 is a good number of gobbos, with 40 potentially more cost effective while a bit more risky if I go up against large units of enemy core troops. It will also allow me to go into a Horde if the opposition so allows. These guys will probably be joined by the BSB and serve as something of an Anvil unit.

20 Night Goblins
1 Fanatic
Goblins always need throw away units and this is one of them. They will take aim at anything small and weak, such as enemy fast cavalry, swarms or flyers that are there to distract my combat blocks. If necessary, I'll use them to divert something big and nasty. 

5 Goblin Wolf Riders
Shortbows, Musician
Fast cavalry took a hit in the new edition but I still see a few potential uses for them. If nothing else than to put pressure on enemy cannons to keep the rest of my unit (and one unit in particular, see below) safe.

2 x 2 Snotlings
Two additional deployments for cheap, and also very useful as redirecters and general nuisances.

25 Squig Herd 
My hammer unit, which is actually nasty enough to take on enemy units on their own. I feel 25 is a good number for them, as it allows them to keep up their full rank bonus for a round, hopefully, while also containing enough squigs to live through the shooting and still pack a punch in combat.

Goblin Wolf Chariot 
Support charges as usual, can really turn the tide if joined by a block of gobbos to prevent enemies being steadfast on their break tests.

Goblin Spear Chukka
A single, cheap chukka with the hopes of it overperforming. If I can take a few wounds of a monster or a chariot, they've done their job. Back in the last edition you would always take two for one special choice, but nowadays that seems like too big of a point sink.

Goblin Doom Diver
Still as useful as ever in my opinion, to take on things that goblins don't like fighting against. Heavil armored, expensive units, such as knights or chaos warriors!

2 Snotling Pump Wagons 
Even more additional deployments,  but like the wolf chariot also very useful as a support charge. It is also possible to use the 360 movement of the Pump Wagons to protect your flanks, keeping enemies from harassing too close to you.

Yes, I know, the general consensus is that the big guy lost out a lot in the new edition, combined with the rise of the Trolls as the go-to rare choice of the army. I agree with that, but I think with an All Goblin army the Giant can actually be more useful. Since you don't want to depend overmuch on the low leadership of a Goblin Boss, the big guy can be a handful on 1500 points because many armies don't bring the tools to take him out with shooting (unless they're Empire or Dwarfs). Place him in corner-to-corner with an enemy already charged by a Goblin block, and you should break enemies easily. That's the idea, anyway!

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