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Monday, November 22, 2010

3000 pts O&G Grimgor's 'Ard Boyz

The tournament season is sort of on a hiatus up until the new year, which leaves more time for painting and playing fun, friendly games using themed lists. Here's a list I made for an upcoming 3000 point battle I've got planned for next week. It uses the special character Grimgor Ironhide (I know, I know, special characters are mostly weird and broken). Grimgor, as some of you might know, played a pivotal role in the Warhammer lore, in particular the Storm of Chaos campaign. This list I've designed follows the "rules" laid out for Grimgor's army in the campaign book.

Grimgor's Waaagh contains units that are dead 'ard, which in this case means:
  • Black Orcs, Big 'Uns and Orc Boyz that pack a punch and won't shy away from a fight against anyone. 
  • Chariots are also good, they hit 'ard.
  • No goblins! They're too weedy and cowardly to get to fight alongside Grimgor, who values toughness and strength above everything.
  • Very little shooting in general, which leaves more space for fightin'!
  • Giants and Trolls are okay. They hit 'ard too.

The list I've designed hits very hard in close combat with several potent fighting units and characters. It's next to impossible to wipe out the army with shooting, with T4 or better across the board. Furthermore, it packs a very potent magic phase with potential for an extra 5 power dice per turn, as well as being very capable of locking down the enemy magic phase. There are very few sneaky tricks in this list, as this is an army that wants to fight early and often.

Grimgor Ironhide
Grimgor needs no introduction! With 7 S7 attacks that always strikes first he will gladly take on anyone and anything. Noteable for this list is that Grimgor must join his Black Orc bodyguard - Da Immortulz.

Orc Great Shaman level 4
Amulet of Preservation, Power Scroll
Normally I tend to want to give my Shaman a boost to all of his spells, but when Grimgor is leading da boyz, there is only one thing that matters: Waaaagh! The Power Scroll is there to make sure the spell goes through and everyone gets to fight.

Black Orc Big Boss BSB
Armor of Silvered Steel, Ironcurse Icon
The BSB is so important and this is my preferred way of protection him, giving him a 2+ armor save and an item to protect the big unit of boyz. Since greenskinned BSB's can't wear regular shields, I prefer to give him the armor to make him just as protected even when he's swinging his great weapon.

Orc Shaman level 2
Idol of Gork
My second shaman is surprisingly important to the army, not only by learning two spells that ensures the Great Shaman picks up the Waaagh! spell, but also due to his magic item. The Idol of Gork gives me an additional power dice for each unit of 20+ orcs in combat at the start of the magic phase. When it counts, I will be able to get up to 5 additional dice to use on my spells.

Black Orc Big Boss
Basha's Bloodaxe, Heavy Armor, Shield
The one-orc-chariot, for little more than 100 points he won't be able to join units, but since he's now allowed a Lookout Sir! roll even outside of units, the Bloodaxe is actually a fine choice with the potential of up to 10 S5 attacks. This guy will hunt small units and with his T5, won't shy away from charging an exposed flank while the boyz hit the front.

28 Orc Big 'Uns
Spears, Shields
Standard Bearer, Musician
Mork's Spirit Totem

Deployed 7 wide in 4 ranks, these guys pack a punch and won't need a character to back them up. They won't do much charging, unless inspired by the Waaagh, but instead will act as an anvil unit and receive charges, before poking the enemy back with their 21 WS4 S4 attacks. Not to mention that they're carrying Mork's own totem to lock down the enemy magic phase, granting an additional dispel dice for each rank of orcs.

39 Orc Boyz
Full Command, Shields
Typical setup for the boyz, bringing their shields and their choppas and being led by the Black Orc BSB to prevent squabbling. These guys are meant to eat up enemy artillery fire, and take on strong enemies in close combat while the hard hitters charge the flanks.

21 Orc Boyz
Standard Bearer, Musician
Additional Choppa

Deployed 7x3, these guys are surprisingly hitty yet cheap. Strong enough to take on smaller units on their own, they're even more effective as flankers. Not to mention that they will add another power dice from the Idol of Gork until they start taking casualties.

14 Orc Arrer Boyz
Standard Bearer, Musician
Arrer Boyz are the best shooting unit in the Warhammer world... at fighting. Also deployed 7 wide, they will shoot 14 shots at tiny units that seeks to keep Da Immortulz out of combat - snotlings, harpies, hounds, etc.

20 Black Orcs - Da Immortulz
Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician
Banner of Butchery

This is where Grimgor goes! Deployed 7x3, when led by the Warboss they hate everyone which allows them to re-roll missed attacks, which is the key to making your Black Orcs effective. When Grimgor is leading them, the Black Orcs are actually crafty enough to search out the toughest enemy unit they can find and beat the snot out of them. The Banner of Butchery gives the front rank (including Grimgor) an additional attack. 28 S5 attacks with hatred? Nasty!

2x Orc Boar Chariot
The chariots will support charge next to any charging orc units and help break the enemy on the first round of combat.

6 Trolls
A standard option for me which fits well into the Grimgor theme. When the Waaagh hits home, the Trolls become potent enough to beat up just about anyone.

Convential wisdom says the giant got a whole lot worse in this edition. With only T5 and no armor save, he will certainly struggle against ranks of infantry. I'd like to give him a try to see what he can do, especially since Grimgor likes giants. He's still decent against enemy monsters with low initiative (the hydra, steamtank, etc) and as long as he's not fighting infantry in the front, the thunderstomp can turn a battle in the orc's favor.

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