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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goblins riding wolves

I received these models on a cheap second hand deal, but unfortunately the wolves had already been assembled. I didn't care to begin a process of stripping the superglue from the different parts, so I decided to settle with the original wolf poses instead of remodel them for less static poses. However, I found that by cutting the slots away from the wolves and instead glue them to different angles on their bases, I could create a more chaotic feeling to the unit (as wolves rarely run alongside each other like trained warhorses).

The color scheme is the same red as the foot sloggers, to tie their clan together. I tried out a couple of different color schemes on the wolves - not sure which one I like the most - as even though all five wolves might have been captured from the same den, they are unlikely to have the same parents.

The wolf riders will be used as fast cavalry, much like the spider riders with the difference being that wolves move quicker over land while spider riders have an easier time getting through terrain. The unit only has a musician to help in rally tests, as the wolves will run around the enemy army, threatening flanks and baiting units to charge them only to end up out of position.

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