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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wargame terrain hills, part three

Having just completed the sanding phase of the hill making, I strongly suggest anyone working with large pieces in need of sanding to conduct the process outside, or in the garage if you have one, as the sand goes everywhere. Also, once the glue has dried, make sure not to leave it outside any longer, especially not if you're expecting rain. I did that, but luckily the hills do dry up eventually. Anyway, let's get the third part of the terrain hill tutorial underway.
  • Mix wood glue and water in a 3:1 ratio, enough to make it loose and milky, before painting the hill with the mix using the largest brush you can find.

  • Place the hill on newspaper or similar and cover the wet glue in sand. I actually used an oven sheet and sand from the local park. When it comes to larger projects like this, I like to keep things as cheap as possible, so I won't waste model sand on terrain.

  • Once the glue has dried, mix another bash of water and glue but this time in a 1:4 ratio, making the substance all watery. Then treat the hills to a second batch with the brush, although this time paint on top of the sand. If you ignore this stage, it is likely that sand will fall off whenever the hills are used. The watery glue mixture will improve its physical resistance and makes it easier to paint later. Then leave the hills to dry completely.

Here's how my hills are looking after this stage:

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