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Friday, July 22, 2011

Treekin Finecast Models

I've been meaning to paint the last of my Greenskins, but I couldn't help myself from at least assembling my Wood Elf Host as I received the shipment. Here are my finecast models of Treekin. Now, I've heard plenty of opinions on whether the new resin models are for the better or worse, and as these were my first ones, I can only say that personally I'm a big fan of the finecast. The Treekins were a joy to assemble (and I've heard the metal horror stories); the models were light yet sturdy and could easily be shaped to fit on the scenic bases.

My only disappointment was the fact that one of the boxes contained an extra pair of legs and a torso but were missing two arms - obviously there must have been a sprue mix up during packaging. Rather than returning them and waiting weeks for a new set, I decided to go at it with a hobby knife, and so I cut up the legs and fastened the thighs as arms on one of the Treekins. It took only a couple of minutes and you can barely tell the difference, especially not after some greenstuff. They're bloody trees, with some of their arms already looking a bit out of proportion. Obviously, being able to cut through and easily adjust the resin models is a massive improvement from the metal ones and I, personally, am only happy for this change.