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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kill Count: 2500 pts All-Gobbo #1

So the All-Gobbo army managed to take home two solid victories this past weekend, which was beyond expectations. There were a couple of units that did well, and some of them who probably won't see the field again for some time. Here's a couple of quick thoughts:

  • Snotling Pump Wagons are incredible. I was hesitant at first, seeing as how I generally felt they were too slow in the old book and usually only managed to set up unfavourable overruns when the enemy charged them. This has changed with their new ability to "pump harder!" for the extra D6, making them as swift as Squig Hoppers. Both the Out-Rigga and the Spiky Roller are solid upgrades, although I think I prefer the added +S for the Spiky Rollers ahead of the ability to go 4D6, which really just seems risky.
  • Speaking of Squig Hoppers, despite my good intentions I'm not quite sure yet of how to use them effectively. Joined by the Squig Hopper Boss, they're a fairly hard-hitting strike force to take out key missile units and the like, but they will really struggle against ranked up infantry. Perhaps I'll have to get more of them into a unit to realize their full potential, but right now I'm struggling with finding a good way to use them.
  • Artillery did very well, which surprised me. I've been advocating for the cause to ignore war machines altogether in a O&G army, aside from perhaps a Doom Diver, but seeing five machines in action I'm bound to at least acknowledge their use. In most cases, I wouldn't fire the Rock Lobbers into infantry regiments. Instead, I'd probably use them to aim directly for a key monster/construct such as those employed by the Skaven, Cauldron of Bloods, etc that I really wouldn't want any of my units to fight, or those that they cannot reach. I'm considering adding a couple of Rock Lobbers to my tournament list, but we shall see.
  • Great Shaman on Arachnarok is risky, but definitely worth it. Especially when you consider the Shrine actually gives you a better magic defense as well, since your wizards still get to channel with +2 to their roll. With so many goblin spells available, and three shamans to cast them, I felt like my magic phase just would never end. Yes, the spider does make the Shaman a target, but it's very manuverable and so it's possible to get out of risky situations if need be. Remember, not every single army is bringing cannons. The Spider Shaman is definitely a keeper.